Picking Up My Wool On Saturday

Kim with Rosemary across from her and Issachar behind her.

“Perfect” is what Deb, from The Vermont Fiber Mill,  wrote back to me when I asked if we could pick up my wool on Saturday morning.

My friend Suzy, who hand spins and knits all those beautiful shawls is getting some of her wool back at the same time.  I’m trading her some of my yellow roving for a scarf she made for Jon’s daughter Emma.

I think it will go beautifully with her natural wools.

I usually can’t wait to organize my wool and get it up on my blog once I get it so even though I usually don’t work on the weekends, I can’t promise I won’t put it up for sale on Saturday or Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Picking Up My Wool On Saturday

  1. This photo looks like it could have been taken over a thousand years ago (if there were cameras.) Sheep and donkeys are icons of another time – ancient and biblical. Something you’d see in a stained glass window of a church. Do you ever feel that transcendence of time when you tend the sheep? Hope I don’t sound crazy!

    1. It’s interesting Barbara, I’ve felt it with the donkeys but not with the sheep. Just the other day I felt for the first time that I was really their farmer even if I’m not a farmer. Now I think I might sound crazy!

  2. I love words!! And I am wondering if two negatives = a positive:
    Does “I can’t promise I won’t put it up for sale on Saturday or Sunday” = I can promise I will put it up for sale on Saturday or Sunday”
    We’ll be watching!!!!

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