Abrah The Rabbit Snail

Last week after I named one of my Rabbit Snails Hazel-Rah after the rabbit in Watership Down,  I asked all of you for ideas to name my other Rabbit Snail.

I got a bunch of good ones and decided to go with Abrah, an excellent suggestion which actually came  from her mother, Maggie.

Abrah Griggs , looks nothing like a snail but depicts herself as a rabbit in her cartoons.  She’s an artist who had a talent for capturing the personalities of the animals she draws. Often melding human attributes with animals and vice versa.

Abrah sold her paintings at the Last Bedlam Farm Open House. She posts her cartoons and her inspiration on Instagram.  She also created the header for Jon’s blog with all the animals from the farm and is reworking it now to include Zinnia in it.

That’s Abrah, the Rabbit Snail dining with Socrates in the video.  Hazel-Ra is the second Rabbit Snail you see in the video,  in the company of one of my red shrimp.  (You can tell them apart because Hazel-Rah has a white spot on toward the point of her shell.)

You can see more of Abrah’s delightful and insightful work on her blog here.

A recent cartoon by Abrah Griggs from her blog In My Nature.  





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