Picking Up My Bedlam Farm Wool

Zinnia came along with me and Jon to pick up my wool at the Vermont Fiber Mill today.  She was very interested in the smells. Maybe she was confused, wondering how our sheep ended up in a box.

The colors came out so deep and rich and look wonderful with the mix of Suzy, Pumpkin and Biddy’s natural gray and the natural barber pole wool which is a mix of Izzy, Kim and Socks’ wool.

I also picked up almost 4 lbs of yellow roving.  Some of that will go to my friend Suzy Fatzinger, who is spinner her own wool as I write this and the rest I’ll sell.

I hope to have all my wool for sale in my Etsy Shop later tonight or tomorrow morning.

The yellow roving made from Liam and Rosemary’s wool.


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