My Sheep And Their Wool

Biddy doesn’t want Zinnia eating her hay.  And Issachar wants to be Fate’s friend.  All is well on Bedlam Farm.

I just picked up my latest batch of wool yesterday and now it’s for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I’m sold out of the teal already, but still have dyed and natural colored yarn and  “happy yellow” Roving.

I mixed the wools and give all the information on which sheep the wool comes from including pictures in my Etsy Shop.  

See it all and buy it here. 

My Wool

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

4 thoughts on “My Sheep And Their Wool

  1. I love how you personalize it by letting people get to know the individual sheep who provided the wool. Truly is a partnership. I am excited to read about women farmers and artists like yourself revolutionizing animal agriculture showing respect for the animals as partners and co creaters. This is happening where I live in Sonoma County where women are caring for their herds and flocks in a whole new way that feels very spiritual and earthy.

    Really love what you are doing here Maria.

    1. Janet, I love the idea of being a part of what you’re talking about. I haven’t really thought about it as much as have been doing it. But I think it’s time for some reflection on it from me. Thanks for opening me up to this.

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