When Walking In The Woods

I let my iPhone focus on the trees I saw through the hole in the standing tree stump.  For me there’s something magical about looking through a small hole onto the larger world.

In my mind, there’s always the possibility of seeing something I wouldn’t have with that kind of focus or framing.  Always the possibility that the jagged shape is a portal ready to transport me to something beyond my own imagining.

And when I’m walking in the woods with Fate, there is also the likelihood that Fate, at some point and without my conscious encouragement, will find her way to my place of focus.

So I watched for the unknown and waited for what I have come to expect. 

Fate eventually appeared as I guessed she would. This time, looking otherworldly, mystical as the camera focused on the hole in the rotted stump giving it substance and dimension and leaving me to see Fate as if looking through a veil.

And then, back to reality as Zinnia popped into view, looking directly at me as if she was trying to understand this thing we do when walking in the woods.



5 thoughts on “When Walking In The Woods

  1. Maria, you and Fate have a special connection with each other. What a magical time and kinship for you both on your walks in the woods. I had that with my Lily dog

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