Making A Bellydancing Coin Belt

My Bellydancing coin belt turned out different than I first expected.

The Bellydancing jewelry that Melinda gave me was too heavy to attach to the thin scarf that I was using,  so I put it aside for the next coin belt that I make.  I had some jewelry that came off of my coin bra, so I used that instead.  Along with felted balls, buttons, beads, shells and earrings.

I may still add more to it.  I’ll try it out tonight in Bellydancing class and hope it holds up.

My coin belt

4 thoughts on “Making A Bellydancing Coin Belt

  1. Beautiful belt. What a long way you have come, Maria. I remember the trepidation you expressed before going to your first belly dance class. You are an amazing role model. Thank you for sharing and being so open.

  2. I love the way your creativity reaches to all aspects of your life, Maria. Everything you do is painted with an artistic brush.

    Watching the video I was intrigued with the Japanese-like kimono on the wall. Am I right? Did you make that? Your ideas are endless and amazing!

    1. It’s a beautiful Kimono that someone sent to me. I have no idea how I’ll use it yet. It’s so beautiful and has a lot of energy coming from it. I like having it hanging in my studio.

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