News From The Barnyard

Lulu and Fanny eating in the pole barn this morning.

Outside my studio, the wind roared and the big maple tree made a crackling sound like ice bending. It’s branches were covered in a thin layer of ice.

I was surprised because the last time I was outside, I was in the barnyard sloshing through puddles and mud as the rain pelleted me, big hard drops, riding the wind.

This afternoon I fed the donkeys in the barn again.  Now snow dusted the ground and the mud was crunchy under our feet. The wind comes in sporadic gusts.

I took Fate and Zinnia down to the pond hoping Fate would clean off the frozen mud that’s impossible to wipe off of her with a towel.  But she chose a snow bath instead, as Zinnia stuck her face in the water, still experimenting.

4 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard

    1. Jane, I think the name comes from it’s construction, but I alway use it as a name for our three-sided barn. I think because the three sided barn at the old Bedlam Farm was constructed that way. I’m not sure the barn we have now is literally a pole barn.

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