Dancing In My Coin Belt

Julz, was good enough to take this video of me dancing in class last night so I could see what my coin belt looked like in action.

I know it was good and loud, I could hear it which is helpful when I’m dancing so I know if I’m really shimmying or not.  (sometimes I forget to shimmy when I’m focusing on another part of a move that has a shimmy in it too).

That’s Emily and Callie I’m dancing with.  We’re practicing to Rashid Taha’s song Kelma. 

It’s good to see myself in the video because I can see I move my head around too much instead of looking up and keeping my head straight. I could also be more lifted in my chest.

But I can also see myself Zilling, which is kind of exciting.  Even though don’t feel exactly comfortable doing it, in this short video, I don’t think that comes across.

It was Carolyn Smith who gave me the piece of fabric that inspired me to make this coin belt.

She said she got it in Myanmar.  Carolyn wrote about her trip to Burma (now Myanmar) in the 1980’s on her blog Cats In Cambridge.  Click here to read it, she has some wonderful photos as well.

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