Twin Healing Trees Magnets For Sale

Twin Healing Trees flat magnet. For sale in my Etsy Shop. $3 each including shipping.

I’m still working on having my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting made into a poster and postcards, but I also had it made into a magnet.

I just got them today, they’re flat magnets,  2″x3″ and are $3 each including shipping. You can buy them here, in my Etsy Shop.

I think this is one of those images that work really well in many forms.  I’d like to get it out into the world in as many different ways as possible.

It speaks not only of our connection to nature but how we are really all one.

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6 thoughts on “Twin Healing Trees Magnets For Sale

  1. Oh, Maria! They’re all gone! No posters, no magnets…Good for you, but sad for me because I really do want a magnet. That picture just resonates with me and, I’m sure, other nature lovers, too…Please make some more.
    Thank you.

    1. Oh thank you for caring Molly. I haven’t gotten the posters or postcards yet, but I am going to make more magnets. Bigger this time. THanks for asking!

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