Suzy’s Shawl In The Making With Some Bedlam Farm Wool

Suzy’s wool and my roving.  The makings of a new Shawl.

I’ve been selling Suzy Fatzinger’s shawls for a couple of years now.  She spins all the wool herself and much of it comes from her angora goats, Lucy, April, Alice, Ruth, and Larry.

For Christmas, she made a scarf for Jon’s daughter Emma.   We did a trade, she gave us the scarf and I gave her some of Liam’s raw wool and now a ball of my yellow roving. (I still have one more 8oz ball of roving available in my Etsy Shop)

Suzy got her wool back from the mill around the same time I did.  It’s the black wool with silver swirls in the photo above and she started spinning and knitting it right away.

Then I sent her my yellow roving which came from my sheep, Liam and Rosemary, and she added the red wool to the color combination.

So here’s Suzy’s next shawl in three different stages of progress.  Some still roving, needing to be spun, some wool already spun and some already knit.

I’ll be selling Suzy’s shawl on my blog when it’s done.  And I’ll keep you updated along the way.

You can see some of Suzy’s shawls that I sold last year here. 

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