The Sound Of Liam Drinking

I’ve seen their footprints in the mud and snow, but in all the years we’ve lived here, I’ve never seen the sheep drink from the pond in the back pasture.

Today, as Fate and I came back from a walk in the woods, the donkeys and sheep saw us and headed back to the barnyard, from the pasture, expecting to be fed.  But Asher, then Liam stopped at the pond for a drink.

You can see and hear Liam sucking the water up through his seemingly closed mouth.  Then he looks directly into my iPhone as if he knows that he’s being filmed.

2 thoughts on “The Sound Of Liam Drinking

  1. Liam is a beautiful sheep. They are such amazing creatures. I use to take pictures of my sheep to, lot’s of good memories.

    1. He really is Marsha, his father was a very handsome and gentle Cheviot Ram. It is hard not to take their pictures especially when it’s so easy with the iPhone. What kind of sheep did you have?

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