Fate and Zinnia, The Quiet Communication

Fate and Zinnia a couple of weeks ago, on a walk in the woods after a snow fall.

I was sitting on the couch with Fate leaning against my legs. I was scratching her under her chin when I felt the vibration in her throat.

I looked up I saw that Zinnia was coming closer to us, but then backed away.

How often, I wondered, do the dogs communicate in this way?  Silent to me, but loud enough and a very clear signal between them.

I’ve noticed their body language, hear the growls that are audible to my ears, and have seen them responding to certain looks, but I was not aware of the quiet rumbles.

Fate has accepted Zinnia on our walks in the woods. They even played with each other on the way home, on our last walk.  She tolerates Zinnia in the barnyard, mostly by ignoring her.  Things are slowing getting better between them all the time.

This morning, for the first time, I heard an unfamiliar rolling growl.

It was Zinnia, telling Fate to leave her alone while she chewed on a cow’s ear.  Fate is crafty about getting treats away from Bud and Zinnia, usually by just watching them with the same intensity that she circles the sheep with, till they drop it.

But maybe Zinnia is realizing that she’s almost as big as Fate now and isn’t giving in to her anymore.

A few minutes later, both Fate and Zinnia were laying next to each other by my feet under the dining room table, each peacefully chewing on their own toy.

2 thoughts on “Fate and Zinnia, The Quiet Communication

  1. Dear Maria, Thank you for this dog to dog observation!! I did not realize that dogs would or could communicate to each other thru a throat rumble so low that we could not hear it, only feel if we were touching their necks. I LEARN SO MUCH ABOUT DOGS AND LIFE THRU YOU AND JON!! Thanks again. Annie
    P.S. I can hardly wait to listen to your new podcast. I’m downloading it now.

    1. Well thanks for your enthusiasm Annie. I appreciate it. I’ll have to pay more attention to those dogs and whats going on between them

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