Bedlam Farm Donation Wool For Sale

Bedlam Farm Donation Wool for sale in my Etsy Shop

Maggie had a dilemma.  Last year she bought a bunch of my wool and now she’s not knitting anymore.  So she offered to send it back to me to resell and donate the money to The Army of Good.

I thought it a wonderful idea and immediately sold one of the skeins of wool to a regular wool customer. Then I decided a couple of them would make a good donation to the Save Your Ass Donkey Rescue benefit auction.

That left us with five skeins of Bedlam Farm wool to sell.  So I posted them in my Etsy Shop just click here to see and buy them.  They’re $27 each + shipping and the money will go to help the refugee kids at Bishop Maginn and the residents at The Mansion Assisted Living Facility.

So thank you Maggie for being so generous and thanks to all of you who buy the Bedlam Farm Donation Wool.

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