Making Elegant Snail Potholders

I knew I should start filling all the orders for my Twin Healing Tree magnets, posters and postcards this morning, but I just got up and was already feeling grumpy.  So I also knew that it was important for me to spend some time in my studio making something that would fulfill me.

I came up with the idea when I lay in bed early this morning, unable to get back to sleep. I pictured them, the small elegant snails on the spiraling vines.  An image inspired by a photo I saw in the Nature Conservancy magazine.

In my mind I ran through the fabrics on my shelf, picking out the ones that had water and sea images.

So when I decided (to Jon’s relief) that I’d go to my studio this morning, I knew just what I wanted to do.

Practice snails

I did a few pencil drawings then practiced drawing the snails and vines with my sewing machine.

I drew and designed six Snail potholders in all.  I still have to sew them together, but I promised myself I’d work in my studio in the morning and spend the afternoon getting all the orders that came in yesterday ready for the mail.

I still haven’t gotten to the orders, but now I’m ready to work on them.

I’m excited to get the magnets and postcards into their colorful envelopes with the Wild Orchard stamps that Wendy at the post office recommended, and the Wool in my corn-based compostable envelopes with stickers of my sheep Rosemary on them.

Even mailing art can have a certain amount of creativity to it.

6 thoughts on “Making Elegant Snail Potholders

  1. I haven’t had my own kitchen for almost 10 years. Now, that I have my work kitchen, I can finally buy one of your potholders! I might have to get a snail one! I loved snails as a kid.

  2. Wow, Maria, these are just delightful. Your work never ceases to surprise. I absolutely love them. Don’t forget to show them to the snails. They will be delighted too!!
    Have a lovely day!

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