Going To The Zoo

Jon and I seriously considered canceling our trip to the Bronx Zoo because of the Coronavirus.  I’m more concerned about Jon than me since he has both heart disease and diabetes.   But we considered all the risks and options and decided to make the trip.

There are already documented cases of the virus where we live so going to the Bronx, which is close to NYC, doesn’t seem any more of risk than staying home.

Jon has been writing about our decision to go on his blog, while I’ve been considering it, feeling many emotions.  But in the end, I can only consider the options and do what feels right to me at the moment.

So we’re off to meet a penguin.  We’ll meet Jon’s daughter and granddaughter at the Zoo and stay overnight at a motel on the way home.

We’ll be back home tomorrow afternoon, with pictures of Jon and a penguin.


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