A Sweet Day At The Zoo

Jon giving Robin a ride on his shoulders.

We went to the Bronx Zoo to see a penguin, but it was also a visit with Jon’s daughter Emma and his granddaughter Robin.

Daylight Saving threw us off and we got to the zoo later than we planned, so we didn’t have much time there.  And we didn’t see a lot of animals, but it was a beautiful day and it was just enjoyable to be together.

The Bronx Zoo is like a big park with exotic animals in it.  And since Jon and I  became members and plan on visiting it regularly, it’s easy to leisurely walk around without feeling like we have to rush to see every animal in the zoo.

Even when you can’t see them, you can almost always hear the Sea Lions barking.  And no matter where you walk there’s always something to see, like the waterfall, towering trees, free-roaming peacocks or native wildlife.

The zoo is one of the easier places to meet up with Emma and Robin.  And on this trip, I could see Jon and Robin connecting again.  I’ve seen this bond between them since the first time Jon held Robin when she was a baby.

I don’t know how that works, if there’s something genetic about the bond between a grandchild and grandparent, if it’s just love, both those things, or something else.  But I don’t doubt it’s there.

Jon wrote beautifully about it on his blog.  And I think I captured the comfort between the two of them and the feeling of the whole day,  in the picture of Robin riding on Jon’s shoulders as we left the zoo.

4 thoughts on “A Sweet Day At The Zoo

  1. Jon and Robin are so fortunate to have such a bond.
    During the war, WWll, my mother and I lived with my grandparents while my father, part of the greatest generation, was stationed in the Pacific.
    As a child I thought it was forever that my grandfather assumed the role of father for me. I adored him. He would tell me stories about Clara (named after one of his sisters) who was really Cinderella. We would walk hand in hand to the corner ice cream store where I always had a strawberry cone. The ice cream usually fell off with the force of my licks. He would walk me back to get another cone. I never saw them charge him again so I always thought he must have been really important. No matter, because to me he was so special. He died shortly after my dad returned from overseas. I miss him to this day. There is no explaining the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. It is an endless bond. Jon and Robin are so very fortunate to share it. And you are fortunate too because you are their to see it and bask in its light.

    1. Such a sweet story between you and your grandfather Jane. You were fortunate to have such a relationship even though it came from your father being in the war.

  2. Dear Maria, You MOST SURELY DID CAPTURE THE BOND between Jon and Robin!! These photos are so warm, so heartfelt!! The bond is not always there. I am blessed to have 4 grandchildren. They are all healthy, growing, well cared for. Which is the most important thing, of course. Of these 4, only one has bonded to me in the magical way Jon is bonded w/Robin, which shines thru your photos so powerfully. As a grandmother, I must say that special bond w/only one is more than enough, so enchanting!

    1. I think some grandparents might be reluctant to admit that Annie. I appreciate your honesty. And when I think of my own relationship with my grandparents, I can see the truth in what you wrote.

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