Meeting A Penguin At The Bronx Zoo

One of the penguins who was hanging around Jon.

We sat on benches in a small room at the Bronx Zoo and out came three zoologists and three penguins.

The penguins were as friendly, curious and unafraid of people as most dogs.  They were raised by some of the zoologists who were in the room with us.  One kept walking under Jon’s legs and we got to pet the tiny thousands of feathers on their backs, which were soft and slick.

I found it a wonder just to be so close to them, and to see how they related to people.  I couldn’t help thinking about other animals and what kind of relationship between us and them is possible.

Jon told me today that I was bringing out the animal lover in him.  I’ve always seen his love of animals, but I don’t know think he was so openly expressive about it.

We’re planning another trip to the zoo this time to meet either a sloth or a cheetah.

One of the penguins with one of the zoologists at the zoo yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Meeting A Penguin At The Bronx Zoo

  1. Penguins are one of those animals that just seem to draw people in. They are so cute! I’m glad you made the decision to go. What a unique experience!

    1. Barbara, Maybe because they seem easy to relate to because they have the human quality of walking upright and their “wings” are so arm-like. and their markings make to appear to be “dressed” in a coat.

  2. I loved your video of the penguin with the zoologist. I was disappointed it wasn’t longer! Those penguins are so darn cute, I would want to take one home. What a great way for Jon to bond with his granddaughter too!

    1. When I was watching it Christine, I wished it was longer too. I kept watching it over and over. But in one way it’s the perfect length, it has a beginning, middle and end and tells that very small story well, I think.

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