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Minnie and Flo on the back porch

The sun is still low enough in the sky that it comes directly into my studio windows and helps keep it warm.  This time of year,  it also shines under the roof on the back porch which in the summer is always in shade.

Minnie was asleep under the table and Flo jumped up on top of the table where I sat with a bowl of soup eating lunch.  A flock of blackbirds chattered loudly in the big old maple tree that towers over my studio and a red-winged blackbird landed in the lilac bush next to the house.

I heard the sliding door and the crunch of shoes on the driveway.  Maybe it’s my magnets, I thought hopefully.  And in a moment the UPS guy came into view with a small brown envelope in his hand.

I sold over a hundred Twin Healing Tree magnets plus posters and postcards.  This is the third batch of magnets I’ve ordered and received in the past couple of weeks.

I want to thank everyone who has bought them and let you know that I just got more in.   I love to think of my work leaving my studio and finding its place in the world.

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  1. I love all of the shades of tan and brown and the quiet contemplations of the cats. Lovely picture!

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