More Placemats…

I sold the four placemats I made a couple of weeks ago quickly.

Fran bought two of them then asked me if I could make four more.  “The fabric doesn’t have to be the same,” she wrote me, “as long as they have those bright colors.”

Then Debbie asked if would make her two placemats.

So that’s what I was working on today.  I finished designing three.  Above is the beginning of the third one.

I had every intention of taking pictures all along the way as I was making this placemat, but I got caught up in it and forgot.

This is how it turned out.  I still have to put the backing and batting then do the quilting on the three placemats I designed today.  But I’ll do that after I get all six designed.

The three placemats I designed today.



2 thoughts on “More Placemats…

  1. Maria-
    I always enjoy photos of your work. Several years ago I sent you a box of scraps so I often look for anything recognizable in your works of art. The red material with the white flowers is from a dress that I made for my mother-in-law. Having had the creative gene pass me by I’m always impressed with your work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love when someone recognizes a fabric I’m using Jill. And as you can see I keep some for a long time before using them. But they all seem to find their place. Thanks again for that box of fabric!

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