Corona World: How We Are Dealing On Bedlam Farm

Jean’s Diner, empty because of the Coronavirus.           Photo By Jon Katz

Both Jon and I got emails suggesting we do a podcast about how we’re dealing with the Coronavirus.

So after breakfast at Jean’s Diner, buying two pairs of pants at Carroll’s Trading Post,  going to the dump and putting up a temporary fence in the pasture, that’s what we did.

Our new podcast is called Corona World: How We Are Dealing On Bedlam Farm and we talk about what we’re doing to keep ourselves balanced and grounded in these very strange times.

You can listen to it here. 

And you listen to any of the Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm Podcasts anytime, just click the Podcast button on my blog or find it on iTunes and Apple podcasts or click here to hear it on Spreaker.

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