Putting Up The Back Pasture Fence

Jon helped me hammer the metal posts in the ground for the temporary fence in the back pasture yesterday.   I’m trying to keep the sheep from going in the area where Griselle got stuck last week.

Then, as I tied the fencing to the posts, he sat on the grass watching the sheep and donkey’s graze. Usually, Fate hangs around me when I’m working in the pasture, but she stayed with the sheep while Zinnia ran back and forth between me and Jon.

I was working near the marsh and Zinnia couldn’t resist the muddy water as you can see by her nose in the picture above.

I ran the fence into the marsh.  Usually, the sheep and donkeys won’t go where it’s really muddy and wet so I think this should work.  Also, there’s nothing really good to eat on the other side of the fence, and plenty on the side they’re on.

For the next week or so I’ll keep checking the fence to make sure it’s working.

Once the animals get used to not going back there, I think they’ll forget they ever could.  And as the grasses and brush grow back it will get too high for the animals to graze there,  so I’ll be able to take the fence down.

The temporary fence I put up in the back pasture.


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