The Peaceful Sound of Snoring

Bud sleeping on Jon’s lap

My feet were cold from being in my muck boots without socks.  Even though the sun was bright there was an icy wind when I fed the animals this morning.  Afterward, I climbed back into bed and tucked my bare feet between Jon’s warm legs.

He didn’t notice because he was in a deep enough sleep to be snoring lightly.  I snuggled next to him and for the first time in my life, I found his snoring soothing instead of annoying.

I owe this to Bud.

Like all Boston Terriers, Bud is a great snorer.  And for some reason I always find his snoring to be reassuring, not annoying.  I find all the strange noises he makes endearing.  When Bud is snoring I know he’s in a deep, comfortable sleep.

So this morning, instead of keeping me awake, Jon’s snoring lulled me to sleep.

I’m grateful to Bud for opening my ears and my heart to the peaceful sound of snoring.

4 thoughts on “The Peaceful Sound of Snoring

  1. With all of the tension and panic being put out I’m finding my 2 dogs Corina and Escher to be very grounding. Corina is a love pup, she wants nothing more than to be snuggled. She thinks she is a lap dog(she’s a Great Pyrenees /red heeler mix). Escher is all business he is a Wheaton terrier/border collie mix. He patrols our 3 acres making sure no rabbits come by. Their routines have not changed and they remind me that all will be well, just a little different for now. Thank you for your upbeat podcast too! My quilt squares are calling! Take care and thank you again for beautifully written blog!

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