4 thoughts on “The Stream In The Woods

  1. Dear Maria —

    Your closeness to nature and to the animals resonates powerfully and connects me with everything that gives me a sense of peace in these turbulent times. You are a great gift to those of us who feel stressed by our responsibility to a wider community. Please keep posting these quiet, meditative experiences of nature at work. They are a balm.

    1. I’m hearing that my images from my walks in the woods are helpful Jean. And that makes me feel good, like there’s something I can do. I know it helps me be in the woods and share my experience, so thanks for letting me know. I will keep doing this.

  2. Irrigation season has started here in the Middle Rio Grande. Walks are so much nicer with the sound of water running through the acequias. And it attracts all sorts of birds and ducks.

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