The Happy Beet Postcard, Friendship and The Virus

Beet, by Emily Gold

The path through the woods is halfway between mine and Emily’s house.  About a half hours drive for each of us.  We decided that taking a walk, keeping six feet between us (the path is wide) as recommended was a good way to get together.

Emily was on the phone when I got to the woods.  She’s a baker as well as an artist and was making arrangements to drop off some of her baked goods to one of her older customers who live alone.

She handed me the “Beet Postcard” when I got out of my car.

To me, it’s the Happy Beet, and I’m going to use it to inspire me to make some Happy Potholders.  It’s already hanging over my work table in my studio.

I debated whether or not to get together with Emily at all. I wondered if it was brave or stupid or just the best way to meet with someone right now. I’m very conscious of not spreading the virus or bringing it home to Jon while continuing to live my life.  It’s an evolving balance.

We walked through the woods quickly, both of us burning off nervous energy as we talked.  Emily is in my Bellydancing class so I’ve known her for almost three years.  But we only got together for lunch for the first time last month.

If I think about it, it’s an unusual time to be starting a friendship.  But I think making the effort and actually getting together showed how important it was to both of us. I know it made me feel normal for a little while, and that’s something I’ve come to treasure.

Emily posted her Beet Postcard on Instagram last week and said she’d send the postcard to someone who told her what they were doing to keep sane.  I left a comment saying… “taking it day to day” and won the Happy Beet.

I know that Emily’s Happy Beet will always remind me of these early days of the virus and the beginning of our friendship.

Two very disparate things.

But the coronavirus is making me much more aware of how quickly things can change.  If Emily and I didn’t get together today we may not have another chance to do it for a long time.  And because of it, I feel like now we really will keep in touch.

And of course, both of us being artists, we’re already curious about how each other’s art will evolve during these strange times.

You can see Emily’s art here on her blog Paper Cake Scissors.

2 thoughts on “The Happy Beet Postcard, Friendship and The Virus

  1. What a happy card! It made me smile, thank you for sharing it! I got news today that school will be closed for sure until the end of April. Spring is a magnificent time in the classroom so I am hoping we can resume in May. The clementine seed we found in one child’s piece of fruit has sprouted. It is a sign of hope and new beginnings! I so want to share this with my 3 year olds so they can see how a mighty tree starts out small just like them. In the mean time I have found inspiration and focus from you and your blog! I pieced together 2 pillowcases for my granddaughters out of scraps from pajama pants I have made them. Thank you again for your up beat honesty, videos, and inspiration!

    1. Wow Josie, you’re making them most of your time. I love that the clementine seed sprouted. That tree will always remind you of this time and the hope you felt. I’m feeling it too. Thank you.

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