Our Vernal Equinox Fire

I left the small dead tree in the barnyard for a few years thinking the animals would chew on it during the winter.  But they prefer the branches on the apple tree (I wrapped the trunk in chicken wire when they started to eat the bark one winter) or the barn itself.

So today I got the bow saw out and cut the dead tree down.  It’s was only a small tree, so it didn’t take me long to cut it up and use it for our Vernal Equinox fire.

The last time I looked the donkeys still hadn’t pulled the sticks and branches apart like they did for our In December for our Solstice fire.  So I’m hoping when we go out there in a little while it’s still piled up like it is in the photo.

We’ll wait for it to get dark then welcome the spring in with fire.


4 thoughts on “Our Vernal Equinox Fire

  1. I’ll be with you in spirit with my blanket and glass of wine. Here’s a toast to warmer brighter better days ahead! We need to stay positive now more than ever.

  2. Did the donkeys do anything with your December wood or just have fun dismantling it? The dismantling-as-entertainment sounds like something our rabbits would enjoy doing.

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