Socks, The Matriarch Of The Flock

Socks smiling in the morning sun.

I remember when we were lambing and the sheep were pregnant, they behaved differently towards each other.  I can’t say exactly what they did, but they seemed more protective.  They seemed to pay attention to each other more.

And that’s a quality I see more and more in my sheep Socks.

Along with Tess (who died some years ago) and Suzy, she’s one of the first sheep I got when we still lived on Old Bedlam Farm.  So she’s around 7 or 8 years old and I noticed recently that she has some more white hairs on her face than she used to.

I also noticed how she seems to watch out for the other sheep.

It’s been a subtle change, the way it was when the sheep were pregnant.  So even though I sensed it, I wasn’t sure what was happening.  But when she followed Griselles cries last week when Griselle was stuck in the back pasture and helped guide her back to the barn, I became certain of it.

In some ways, Liam took over as leader of the flock when Zelda began to decline then died. But I feel like Socks took over as the matriarch.  The one who keeps an eye on the other sheep and is there for them when they need it.


4 thoughts on “Socks, The Matriarch Of The Flock

  1. Socks looks as if she is smiling at you Maria. I’m glad your winter was not as bad as it could have been. Here in Tennessee it is summer already, although I have a feeling that we will get some bad weather soon. The Virus is keeping us close to home so I’m getting the comforter done for my granddaughter.

    1. Your gardens must be very different in Tennessee Uta. And it’s hard to imagine summer already. So good to have something creative to work on.

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