Twin Healing Trees In Their New Homes

Vicki’s Twin Healing Trees poster

Both Vicki and Nancy sent me these pictures of my Twin Healing Trees posters framed and hanging on their walls.

Vicki framed hers herself.  She’s an artist and farmer but always seems to be doing something new.  Check out her blog Cluckin “A” Critter Farm.

Kim has her Twin Healing Trees magnet hanging by her computer she wrote…”as I am doing my work i can just glance up, pause, look at your magnet & connect with nature through breathe & then move forward.”

Nancy lives on a Honey Farm near Seattle.  She has all four of my posters hanging near her desk.  She calls it her inspiration wall.

It’s always exciting to see my art framed and hanging on someone’s wall and to know it has meaning to them when they look at it no matter what form it’s in.

Nancy’s Inspiration wall with all four of my posters on it.

I still have Twin Healing Tree posters, postcards and magnets available in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here to see and buy all my posters and postcards, magnets and pins.

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