Apple Tree Branches, A Good Donkey Snack

Lulu and Fanny snacking on the apple tree branches.

It’s been a few years that I’ve been looking at the broken branch on the apple tree in the barnyard.  About three years ago,  there were so many apples they weighed down a few branches enough to break them.

This branch hung lower each year until this winter it was low enough for the donkeys and sheep to nibble on it.

My nervous energy has kept me busy lately so this afternoon I got my ladder and bow saw and used it to finally cut the branch from the apple tree.

I left the branches on the ground to eat dinner and when I came back, there were tufts of wool on them where the sheep had scratched themselves.

I cut up the smaller branches for kindling and put them in the wheelbarrow.  Within moments Fanny and Lulu were at the wheelbarrow eating them.

Apple tree branches must be sweet or flavorful because the animals will chew on them over other wood if they have the choice.  I’ll save the big branches for next winter and put them in the polebarn for the donkeys and sheep to chew on.

And I piled the small branches on the site of the bonfire.   The donkeys and sheep will eat as much as they want and we’ll burn the rest at the Winter Solstice.

Tufts of wool from the sheep scratching themselves on the branches.

2 thoughts on “Apple Tree Branches, A Good Donkey Snack

  1. My puppy has been chewing on and eating the branches I pruned from our Apple tree back the beginning of February. I find them all over the yard. And, sadly, all over the house.

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