Creativity and Coronavirus

Coronavirus card series #3 by Debbie Glessner

“My table is a mess because this is where I work” Debbie texted me, ” I’m making my Coronavirus card series.”

I too looked at the microscopic images of the virus bacterium and wondered about using it in my art somehow. I feel like Debbie Glessner figured out a way to use the imagery to create beautiful little universes.

My friend Emily Gold asked me last week how my art has changed since the coronavirus and we exchanged pictures of what we’ve been working on.   Tomorrow we’re going to have a studio video chat to talk about our art.

And my friend Jackie continues to write her short poems on her blog Creative Journey Woman and on Instagram.  This is one she wrote last week…

See Saw by Jackie Thorne

Uta, who reads my blog and gave me a load of sewing supplies when she moved to Tennessee last year, told me she’s making a comforter for her granddaughter.  Vicki from Cluckin “A” Critter Farm is creating a mandala telling the story of how the virus attached the earth and how we are fighting back and winning.

Vicki’s Mandala so far.

This morning I spoke to my friend Mandy who is a Massage Therapist and Energy Healer about making a guided meditation video that I could share with all of you.

I’ve had lunch with my friends Mandy and  Athena every week for the past five years.  Now we’re talking on the phone instead.

I got the idea to bring the friendship the three of us have nurtured all these years to my blog.

At this time of social distancing, I feel like it’s important to keep all the connections we can keep in as many ways as possible. So I asked them both to participate in my blog, each in their own creative way.

Mandy is working on creating a meditation and Athena will share one of the songs from her new album.

I’d love to hear about the art that the coronavirus has inspired in you.  So please let me know and email ([email protected]) a photo too if you have one.  I’d love to post them on my blog, to keep the connection and creativity alive.


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