The Faces Of Griselle

Griselle when we first got her.     Photo by Jon Katz

Jon gave me this photo of Griselle when we first got her.  I can hardly believe it’s her.  Her wool was matted on her body. She, like the other Romneys, Izzy, Rosemary and Biddy hadn’t been sheared in years.

She has a wonderfully defiant look about her in this photo, but she turned out to be a true softy.

Looking at the photo below from this past summer I can how old Griselle had grown just over this winter.

I’m so glad we decided to rescue her and the other Romneys.  They’ve all enriched my life and taught me so much about growing wool and taking care of sheep.

Griselle this past summer


5 thoughts on “The Faces Of Griselle

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos. It shows what a difference a good shearing and some TLC can make. These animals give so much and ask for so little in return. RIP Griselle.

  2. Maria, I was shocked to hear about Griselle. It was not the sudden snowstorm, was it? I mean she has a thick coat of wool. One of the original GANG OF FOUR. I wish i had been able to kiss her nose and hold her beautiful face.

    1. No Eileen, Griselle has been declining for a while now. Looking back I think she may have had some strokes. But I don’t really know. She was old.

  3. Not unexpected, but still sad, thanks for sharing the photos, I had forgotten how much fleece they had when you first got them. I thought in this weeks Monday video she looked very dazed and confused staring at the back barn wall, not eating the hay until you literally guided her there and pointed her at it.

    Hoping the routine of animal chores, and being able to hug a donkey and scratch a sheep, as well as 1st eggs of the spring are bringing you some calm in the current chaos

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