Cloudy Spring Day

The cats don’t want to come in the house anymore.  Flo has found the front porch again and sleeps in the woodshed at night.  Minnie spends her days and nights under the table on the back porch.

When I was taking my video this morning I saw the pussywillows starting to bloom and picked a few small branches.  On the way back to the house I checked the chicken coop and found an egg.

All this and the warm rain reminded me it was spring even though the sun hid behind the clouds all day.

2 thoughts on “Cloudy Spring Day

  1. My pussywillows are out now to. Each day I check to see how the daffodils are growing and they are up 6 inches. Tulips are just breaking through the dirt now. We have gotten a lot rain and it’s been cool. I am so pleased to live in the country!

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