“Home” A Coloring Page By Emily Gold For Sale

“Home” coloring page by Emily Gold.

I had my second video studio chat with my friend Emily today.   I told her about the masks I made for The Mansion and the about the work I’ve been doing on my Three Graces fabric painting.  I couldn’t hold it up to the computer to show her because I’m in the middle of sewing it together.

Emily showed me some of the small collages and cards she made this week, then showed me the coloring page she put up for sale on her website.

I immediately knew I wanted to share it.

It’s called “Home”(something we can all relate to these days), and you can buy it here on her website papercakescissor.com for $3, download it,  print it out on your computer and color it in.

I know she found it relaxing to create (as I experience with my drawings) and she thought people could get the same feeling from coloring it in.

I think it’s a great way to focus, something I’ve been working on doing in my studio and out of it.

Emily also has cards, small collages, artist’s books, hand-painted tea towels and purses for sale at papercakescrissors.com.  And she’s a baker too, so you’ll see some of her tasty creations when you visit her website.

  The collages Emily Gold showed me during our video chat.    The striped dress on the woman on the left is made from an old library card. 

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