Anne’s Social Distancing Mask

Anne, in her Alligator Social Distancing Mask.

“This is my social distancing mask,” Anne said through the mouth of the alligator in the parking lot at the post office this morning.

Anne is our friend and bookkeeper.  She’s also a professional gardner, a fencer and mask-maker (she has an exhibit of her masks scheduled for later this year at the Valley Artisan’s Market in Cambridge).

Anne, who can be serious to the point of scary sometimes, had Jon and me laughing so much we couldn’t stop. Then we applauded her as she got back to her errands.

My masks can’t compare.

3 thoughts on “Anne’s Social Distancing Mask

  1. Looks like a dinosaur, too! Love this, I’m pretty sure it will work for physical distancing; maybe the social will remain!

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