Garbage and Solar Panels

The ticks have arrived so I won’t be walking off the path in the woods for a long time.

I came upon this tree a couple of days ago. It had two long holes on one side of it and when I looked through them there daylight coming in.  On the other side of the tree was an opening creating a small cave-like space.

Today, instead of walking in the woods, I got a couple of garbage bags put on some rubber gloves and picked up the garbage on the side of the road in front of the farm and across the road from us.

Yesterday I saw one of our neighbors doing the same on the stretch of land next to ours.

I filled up two garbage bags with mostly beer, soda and water bottles, and about a dozen empty tins of chewing tobacco.

Then Jon and I filled out the loan application for the Solar panels we’re hoping to get.

They’d stand in the south pasture and hook directly into our electrical box.  With the money we’ll save on making our own electricity, our loan payments and monthly electrical bill will be less than our electrical bill is now.

I’m excited to get them.

We’re on a program now that all of our electricity comes from Wind Power. But by having solar panels, in the summer months when we have extra electricity, we’ll be sending it to our neighbors so their electricity doesn’t have to travel as far to get to them. This saves energy, so our solar panels will have a bit of a communal effect.

It’s such a warm and sunny day, I just want to be out in it.  So I took a walk on McMillan Road with Jon, Zinnia and Fate too.

But now I’m back in my studio,  looking forward to continuing to work on “The Three Graces”.


2 thoughts on “Garbage and Solar Panels

  1. About 5 years ago we took out a loan and had a solar tracker installed. It’s a big piece of equipment that is computer driven so even on a dark, overcast day it follows where the sun is. At “sunset” or if it’s really windy, it goes flat and then comes up right at sun rise, wherever that occurs. When you come down our driveway, most folks don’t even notice it ,and we live on 10 acres so it’s not bothering any neighbors. We paid off the loan over a year ago and we only occasionally get electric bills, so it has been well worth the investment. I named the tracker “Lugh Maximus” after the Celtic sun god but we call it “Big Loo” for short

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