Working On My Three Graces Fabric Painting, A Video

4 thoughts on “Working On My Three Graces Fabric Painting, A Video

  1. Maria, I think that it is so lovely that you remember where certain fabrics come from. It is so sweet to see how you use certain pieces. Your work is so thoughtful. I am also getting a small laugh out of the “what the hell is wrong with you” dialogue. Loving sarcasm goes a long way during this cooped up moment. I am often asking myself that same question. Thank you for your writing and creations and humor. I look forward to your posts, especially during this time. Be well, happy Spring!

  2. Dear Maria, WHAT A GREAT VIDEO!! I always enjoy seeing your studio. It emanates creativity even over the internet Creativity must have a fragrance of some kind… Not to mention how encouraged I am seeing your animation over your LIFE and your WORK! Annie

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