Bev’s Magical Sewing Box, Making More Face Masks

Bev’s Sewing Box

I slipped the gold stretchy band around the stack of Price Chopper gift cards that people sent to Jon and put them in the priority envelope addressed to Sue Silverstein.  She’ll distribute them to the families of the kids, who go to Bishop Maginn High School, and don’t have money for food.

I’d been thinking of what to use as a substitute for the 1/4″ elastic I need to make more face masks when I thought of the gold stretchy band.  It originally came from a pack of Carol Conklin’s note cards.  I saved it knowing I would use it someday.

So I messaged Carol and she told me she got them from Clearbags.  They had plenty in stock so I got a hundred- 14″ elastic stretch loops.  They’ll be here in a week.

But I offered to make a couple of masks for friends and now a week seems like a long time away.

So I was all ready to make some masks with ties (which I heard slip easily so resisted making them) when I thought of the sewing box of notions that Bev, from Carroll’s Trading Post left on the back porch for me.

I was already able to share some elastic from the notion box with my friend Emily who needed it to repair one of her Bellydancing skirts.  I knew there was more 1′ elastic in the box, so I thought I’d see if I could cut it down to 1/4″.

But as I was looking through it, I found a package that I hadn’t seen before, of 1/4″ elastic.

It seemed like a little bit of magic to me. Like that box of notions that will always have just what I need.

So tonight I’m going to make a few more face masks.  I’ll send the few off to my friends and have some for whoever else may need them.

And when I need to make more face masks,  I have about 10 more yards of 1/4″ elastic that I’ll be getting in about 2 weeks.


8 thoughts on “Bev’s Magical Sewing Box, Making More Face Masks

  1. Maria, I’ve been looking for your pattern to make masks. Could you repost it so I could refresh my memory? Went out looking for elastic also today…no luck. I’ll cut what I have down to 1/4″ size that ought to do it. Thank you. Bev from Verdi, NV. Lots more folks wearing masks at the stores, nodding to me as tho we are of one tribe, recognizing each other from behind their masks.

    1. Hi Bev, I’ll post one of the videos of making a mask on my blog, A couple of people are interested. Thanks for asking and take care.

  2. I’m wondering if you would be making some fabulous masks to sell? My creativity comes out with my garden. I have zilch sewing capabilities! Thank you

  3. Maria I am not a medical professional but I am continuing to work so I can maintain my salary., like so many others. If you decide to sell your masks, with a limit of one or two per customer, I would be very glad to buy.
    Stay well.

    1. Okay Peg,that’s good to know it seems there are people who need them and would like me to make them. I think it’s good to put a limit on them too. I was wondering about that myself. I think if I did sell them I wouldn’t put them up on Etsy and only sell two per person as you suggest. Thanks for your input.

  4. Regarding ties for the masks, I was thinking bias tape might work as it is a little bit stretchy. Or maybe stretchy knit of some kind. I have heard some people find the elastic very uncomfortable over the ears, so I was interested in one version I saw that attached the elastics in the other direction. One band runs under the ears and winds up behind the head near the neckline, the other band runs past the top of the ears. Many options. Thanks for doing these, all kinds are useful and your fabrics are so cheerful!

    1. There are so many different ways of making the masks Sue. I made one of Jon but it was too small, then I made another and (like Golidlocks) it was to big, the got it right the third time. I’ve know some people who are using ties. I just got some elastic craft ties in the mail. I’ll be using them till I get more elastic.

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