Asher In The Hay Feeder

I used to pull Asher out of the hay feeder when I first saw him standing in it with his front feet.  But he does it so often, and no one else seems to mind so now I just leave him alone.

It’s been raining a lot, gloomy days for me, but April showers and all that.  If we get some sunshine after all this rain, the grass will pop up and the sheep and donkeys will be grazing instead of eating hay.


2 thoughts on “Asher In The Hay Feeder

  1. I got tapped out before I finished before but just wanted to say I am so ready for warmer temperatures and green grass. Also some
    With everything going on that is sometimes hard to get through the day, but I try to set daily goals, walk on my farm and only listen to the news twice a day. Sometimes there are and other times laughter. We are in this together and thank you to you both for your blog.

    1. I think it’s so important to have something meaningful to do these days Marsha. Setting daily goals is a good idea. I’m glad to be able to continue doing my work including posting on my blog.

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