Zinnia Explores The Swamp

Fate has never been interested in the swamp along the path in the woods.  But it’s one of Zinnia’s favorite places.

Actually any place that she can get good and muddy in is her favorite place.  And even though I know she’s going to drag all the mess back to my car, I love to see her splash in the swamp and big muddy puddles.

I’m not sure why it’s so much fun to watch.  Maybe because I can remember doing the same as a kid and having so much fun.

2 thoughts on “Zinnia Explores The Swamp

  1. Maria, thinking a lot of people don’t sew and aren’t crafty and need masks…would you make some and sell them? Love the one Jon was wearing…

    1. Yes, Lana, I’ve been thinking about it and since so many people are asking I will make masks to sell. I’ll figure out the best way to do it and write about it on my blog. Thanks for your input.

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