First Spring Grazing

We let the animals into the south pasture to graze for the first time this spring.  They were eager to get to the green grass even though it’s not very high yet.

It’s always a beautiful and satisfying thing to see them enjoying the grass after going so long without it.

6 thoughts on “First Spring Grazing

  1. I can’t type much, just out of hospital after three weeks with broken leg (and ongoing als problems), and what a different world I am now in! But must thank you and Jon for blog, videos, and being able to see animals and Spring! Must say I truly love Zinnia ‘s adventures. Look forward to it all each day. Now that I am somewhat out of my medical fog. But now back to sleep!

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that Barbara, but glad your back home, even if everything is so very different! Take good care of yourself and I’ll keep posting the videos and pics. Zinnia went for a walk with me and Fate today, wow did she get dirty!

  2. Dear Maria, You are such a many faceted person!! SO FASCINATING!! How I loved Jon’s description of your gate building, fence repairing. I’m going to smile and chuckle all morning!

  3. Lovely video, I could feel how happy the sheep and donkeys were to be eating grass!! What a hoot to watch Zinnia loping around, just happy to be there, and Fate, as always, zooming around them all doing her work. Thank you for this ray of sunshine!

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