Getting Grounded With The Donkeys, A Video

Jon sitting with Lulu and Fanny and scratching Fanny’s butt.

I’ve heard from so many people that tell me their animals are grounding during this very unsettling time. I find the same with my animals.

Today Jon and I sat with the Donkeys for a while and Jon took a video to try and capture the calm that we feel around them and share it with all of you.

3 thoughts on “Getting Grounded With The Donkeys, A Video

  1. Such a sweet video. I miss it so acutely right now not having a pet. Sometimes my heart just aches. So thank you for sharing your animals. How do you tell Lulu and Fanny apart?

    1. I’ll kiss them for you Barb. You can tell Fanny and Lulu apart because Lulu has a white belly and legs and a white nose and white under her chin. If you’re just seeing their faces, Fanny has a tan nose. Then, of course, there’s their personalities which probably don’t come through as much in the photos. More so in the videos.

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