Thanks For My Daily Goal

Marsha left a comment on my blog saying that she finds it important to have a daily goal to make it easier to get through her day.  And Uta said that she appreciates my videos of the country since she’s locked in her house right now.

Making and posting my videos and photos and writing on my blog have taken on new importance for me.  Knowing that you all are there and that what I post is helpful to many of you during this pandemic, gives me that daily goal that Marsha wrote about.

It’s far from selfless.  Each time I see something that has meaning for me or just makes me smile and feel a little lighter I want to share it with all of you.

I get to experience the joy of creating and the joy of knowing that I’m doing something for someone else.

So thank you all for being there through this strange and difficult time.

And thank you to everyone who has continued to make donations to my blog and to everyone who has made a donation since this all began.  I’ve had a hard time focusing while continually adjusting to everything that is happening and find myself taking photos, videos and writing more than creating art in my studio.   So your support has been especially important in the past month.





6 thoughts on “Thanks For My Daily Goal

  1. Thank-you, Maria, for this great photo, as well as your post. You and Jon reach many people through your posts and I, for one, am grateful to both of you, especially during this difficult time.

  2. Thank you for continue to write. I always check to see what is going on in Maria’s world, creative or otherwise. I’m no master of words but what you do every day is important both here in the blog and through the art you sell, for you and for everyone else.

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