Corona Kimono Calendar

Emily held the drawing she made with the words, “Be Your Original Self” written on it up to her computer screen so I could see it.  We were having our first video chat.  She told me she was starting to add more words to her art and this was her latest.

Then I moved my laptop so she could see the Kimono hanging on my studio wall.

I’ve had the Kimono hanging on my wall for over a month, ever since I received it from Ann.  It was given to her by a friend who died in the Aids epidemic and she’s had it all these years.  She sent it to me hoping I could use it in my art.

I wasn’t sure how to use it until I showed it to Emily and she suggested I do my free-motion stitching on it.

As soon as she said it I knew it was right.

I thought how obvious an idea it was and how I never thought of it.  Somehow it almost seemed too easy too obvious.  But then I thought of the words from Emily’s drawing.  I could not be more originally me than to free-motion stitch on the Kimono.  It’s so much what I do, who I am.

So I decided I would stitch on the Kimono every day during the virus, like marking off the days on a calendar.  Of course, I have no idea how long this will go on and how quickly I’ll “fill up” the Kimono with drawings.  But like I usually do, I’ll figure it out as I create.

I find the connection between the Aids Virus and Coronavirus poignant.

Today I pulled fine handsewn hem out of the Kimono and slipped cotton batting between the outside of the Kimono and the lining.  I need to have batting or interfacing behind the fabric to sew on it.

The back of the stitching will show up on the inside of the Kimono so I’m thinking when I’m done I may line it with another fabric.

Tomorrow I’ll do my first drawing.  I’m going to start on the bottom back and see where I go from there.

2 thoughts on “Corona Kimono Calendar

  1. I think this is a great idea. What better way to mark this time in your life! The designs will come to you Maria, I just know that they will. In a way it will be a tribute to this time in history and what so many have gone through.

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