Corona Kimono Calendar

first “entry” in my Corona Kimono

I stitched my first entry on my Corona Kimono Calendar this morning.  I started with the mask at the bottom then added on to it.   Then the sheep grazing, one of the last birds at the feeder for the season, our gate that works really well since I fixed it, and Emily’s Happy Beet, since she gave me the idea to stitch on the kimono.

I also added the date and some more words that came to me.

“Low hum of menace” the title of a recent episode of  This American Life and exactly how these weeks feel to me.  And “Bear at the birdfeeder”, which, for me,  speaks to the possibility of danger.

I realized after stitching this that I probably should have started in the center of the Kimono and worked my way out to keep it from bunching up.   So I may stitch tomorrow’s entry in the middle and expand off of it. Or I may work my way up to the middle and expand from there.

Corona Kimono Calendar with its first entry.

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  1. That is going to be SERIOUS, can’t wait to see it develop. This American Life, been listening for over 25 years, what a show.

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