The Cheeky Goldfinch

The bird came to the feeder as I was stitching the first entry on my Corona Kimono Calendar.  He gobbled the last of the birdseed, stared at me brazenly then went back to eating looking up at me from time to time.

I took it as a good sign.

I couldn’t find my bird book so I asked my friend  Jackie what kind of bird it was.  She thought it was a young male Goldfinch, (not just because he was gobbling up the food) because it looks like he’s still molting.  I’d seen some yellow birds at the feed in the past couple of weeks, but none this bright and cheeky.

I’m going to miss not seeing the birds more this year than I usually do.  They bring me many moments of joy seeing them out my studio window each time they flit onto the feeder and off again.

So I sat quietly, the kimono waiting patiently on my sewing machine, and watched the goldfinch until he flew away.


6 thoughts on “The Cheeky Goldfinch

  1. All the little birds have started showing up again.

    “may my heart always be open to little
    birds who are the secret of living
    whatever they sing is better than to know
    and if men should not hear them men are old”

    – e.e.cummings

  2. This second photo looks as if he is looking right at you. 🙂 My husband surprised me this weekend and made me two wrens houses and one bluebird house. We hung them off my writing cottage. Hope some birds move in and nest soon.

  3. Hi Maria, the gold Finch is the state bird of New Jersey we let other states have a few now and then, I felt bad about you losing your latest sheep Griselle, did you put her in the woods? I love seeing Fate,Zinnia and Bud. Stay safe.

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