Casual Conversation

Whenever I see a towering dead tree, its branches leafless and broken, they remind me of Saguaro cactus.  This giant dead pine still towers among the trees that surround it.

After walking through her woods, Fate and I met our neighbor who was gardening.   We stood on the dirt road only close enough so we could hear each other as we talked.  How ordinary it was to have a casual, unhurried conversation with her face to face.

As strange as things still seem it amazes me how quickly we humans adapt.  A few weeks and I almost feel like I’m getting used to living this way.

Last week when I  saw Kelly in the Co-op I cried.  Today I was joking about having to do all the food shopping instead of Jon.

I’m sure if we were in a city where the virus was quickly spreading it would be different.  Stories from people trickle in about friends or relatives that  live somewhere else and have the virus or died of it.

But here, from what I’ve heard, the hospitals are eerily quiet.   I keep getting the feeling that the tide is going further and further out and I’m waiting for it to come in, unsure if it will be a tidal wave or not.

So I try to be more thoughtful about how I spend my time.  To remember what’s really important.  Aware that these may be the calm days before the storm.

But I think I’m getting used to that feeling of unknowing too. My life isn’t on hold, I continue to live it as fully as I can even in these strange and uncertain times.

4 thoughts on “Casual Conversation

  1. I have taken pictures of tree’s that are dead and bare but also see the beauty in each one. We need to recognize the beauty of our surroundings, to pause and notice. Thank you for helping us to pause and notice.

  2. I know what you mean. I feel kind of a humble acceptance of where we are all at right now. I’ve had to cancel routine dental and doctor appointments. It would be wonderful to meet a friend in a restaurant and I’m in bad need of a haircut. But this weirdness will eventually end and it’s a small price to pay for staying alive.

    1. Yes, Barbara, that’s it, this will eventually end. And that’s helpful to know even when there is so much unknowing attached to it. I keep comparing it to people who live in war torn countries in my mind. If I had a choice, I’d choose this.

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