We Can Still Hug Trees

Fate runs ahead of me and waits by the big oak.

Since I started walking in my neighbor’s woods again, I’ve been visiting with the trees that have always been special to me and Fate still knows which ones they are.

I’ve always seen this tree as a woman in a bustle dress, her bottom big and grounded.  I lean my body into hers and soak in her tree sense of time, her quiet energy.

I breathe and for a while, I just am.

Ruth sent me this article called “Forest Service Recommends Hugging Trees While You Can’t Hug Others”, about the benefits of hugging trees in this time of Social Distancing.

I know I’ve experienced the benefits of hugging trees and many of you out there have too.  For those who haven’t, I recommend it, especially now.


4 thoughts on “We Can Still Hug Trees

  1. This means so much to me. I have always felt so much from trees, when I had to sell my home and was sad, there was an amazing tree that faced my healing room and sustained me. It was hard to say goodbye to her and my hummingbird friend, but life is movement.

    I’ve been “bee bathing” under the flowering trees, my CNS loves it. And because I’m in a solitary time of life in a new state, and not a lot of hugging, I will hug trees. And remember there are many ways to be loved and connect, not all of us fit the mold that all the statistics and wisdom says. Because when you don’t fit the mold you are being told you are wrong, be it in your family or society at large.

    Sorry, not buying it. Sensitive solitary souls are a gift too. Just as this time has grown new ways of connecting and deepened some friendships that might not have otherwise gotten on the radar.

    1. I can hear the hum of the bee’s Elizabeth! And I agree about this time and deepening friendships. So many different kinds of love.

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