Love From Bedlam Farm, Coloring Page

Coloring Page for The Mansion

My friend Emily and I have a standing video chat on Sundays.   We’ve been doing it for about three weeks now.  Emily is an artist and baker and bellydancer.  Our Sunday visits have nurtured our friendship in a way that I’m not completely sure we would have if not for the social isolation we’re both feeling because of the coronavirus.

Last week (or was it the week before?  time is rearranging itself) Emily put up a coloring page for sale on her website

That gave me the idea to make a coloring page for the residents at The Mansion.

So I made the one above over the weekend and some people have asked if they could buy it.

I haven’t figured out how to sell something digitally yet, but I know there’s a way to do that on Etsy.  I’m planning on making more of these for the people at The Mansion and once figure out how to sell them, I’ll I will.

So thanks to Emily for the idea and for all of you who asked me about making my Coloring Pages available.


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  1. I see crochet patterns being sold digitally on Etsy…..maybe they have a help section. I am guessing you take the payment from them but need the email address to send it from your email. I know when I purchase patterns I get sent an email with a PDF attached.

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