Rainy Day


Issachar and white hen

It rained on and off all day sometimes so hard I couldn’t see out my studio window.

This afternoon only Issachar and Asher came out of the barn and waited at the gate to get into the pasture.  But the grass still needs some time to grow so I only let them in the pasture in the morning and feed them hay in the afternoon.

Because of the rain I fed the donkeys and sheep in the barn.  Even the hens came over to see what was going on.

Bud in the dog house

When I let Bud out to do his business in the rain he is quick about it then waits in the dog house till I let him back in the house.

Flo in the woodshed

And when Flo wasn’t on the back or front porch this morning, I knew she was in the woodshed.  She spent the whole day there and for breakfast and dinner I put her food up on the loft so she wouldn’t have to come down to eat.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. I love the last three photographs. Poor Bud looks so sad. I bet he couldn’t wait to get back in the house.
    I get a kick out of the twins. Asher and his brother are quite unique; I think of them as lambs because, as I recall, they were quite young when they came to Bedlam Farm
    I don’t blame Flo for finding her cozy place for the day. Animals are so special and each has his, or her, own personality.
    They make the right choices for themselves.
    Speaking of animals, I’ve got to run and feed my dogs.
    Stay well, stay strong and stay home (if possible)– that is what we are doing in Los Angeles.

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