Making Hopeful Potholders

I’m feeling hopeful today so I made some Hopeful potholders.  I still have to actually make them into potholders, but I’m more than halfway there.

My potholders have been selling quickly, so I keep making more.

I appreciate everyone who is buying them and the other art in my Etsy Shop and supporting my blog.  So thank you!


10 thoughts on “Making Hopeful Potholders

  1. Hello Maria!!

    I would like the two pot holders with butterflies unless already sold!!
    I do love the name “Hopeful”!!
    I would like to give them to my Daughter In Law for Mother’s Day!!
    They will have special meaning for her!!

    Thank You and thank you and Jon for your warm hearts and all your giving

  2. Hi Maria. Any chance these same potholders could be pleated and turned into face masks?

    Thanks for considering. I LOVE the colors!

    Val Stinson

  3. Thank You!!
    Stay safe and healthy and please know how uplifting and heart warming your and Jon’s art and writing and putting your arms around and reaching out to do so many !! Yikes!! That is an awkward sentence!!!

  4. Maria, I would very much like the one in the middle row on the left with the light green striped edge on the left (with material that looks like stained glass) if still available. If so my check will go in the mail tomorrow. Thanks, Cathy

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