Corona Kimono April 15, 2020


The drawing I started on my Corona Kimono this evening.

I spent the day creating my first Coloring Page then I made 15 face masks.

I just got some more elastic and made some masks for people who emailed me and asked for them.  Mostly I’ve made them for friends and some of my regular readers.  People I’ve known online for years.

Once I catch up making the masks I’ve promised I’ll make some more because I’m finding there are always people who want some.

Val asked me if I could turn my patchwork potholders into masks.  I agree they’d be prettier that way, but I don’t think with all those seams they’d be as effective. I imagine a full piece of fabric offers more protection than one patched together.

After dinner, I went to my studio because I hadn’t worked on a drawing for my Corona Kimono yet.   I was tired, but had an idea and want to be as loyal to make a daily drawing as I can.

I got some of the drawing done, but when I changed the thread for the background, my machine kept jamming.  By now I know it’s really not the sewing machine that’s the problem.  It’s me.  I was trying to get the drawing done but I was tired and my heart wasn’t in it.

That’s no way to create.

So I listened to my sewing machine and myself and stopped for the night.  I’ll pick it up in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Corona Kimono April 15, 2020

  1. Maria, you work so QUICKLY! I just started making masks and can get maybe FIVE done in a day around my other duties. I love that you put yourself and Fate on the Covid Kimono. The two of you are such partners!

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